Why InterCom?
Choosing the right recruiting firm to work with can be a daunting challenge.

First choose who knows your category . There is little point in submitting your resumé to a firm that has no area of specialization. They may not understand you . Each category has its own particular way of speaking.

Our Specialties
At InterCom we specialize in Marketing and Marcom. These umbrellas capture professionals that are in the Advertising and Marketing industries. Our Clients work in a variety of categories including financial services, telco, packaged goods, automotive but are all looking to staff either their account management staff or brand managers.

We have been doing this work for over 11 years .

What makes us different?
We treat you like you are, a human being. You are not a file number , you are not graded or pigeon-holed. We won't refer to you as typical because we know that is not the sum of who you are. Life gives us many skills and your "toolbelt" of experiences is what we consider. We'll get to know you , try to understand what it is you like to be doing next and perhaps where you ultimately want to be when you have arrived.