Privacy and Confidentiality
Looking for a new position can sometimes be a very tricky issue Sif you have forwarded your resumé to a job board you can never be sure if your own boss will come across it and discover you are "looking" . It could impede your chance at future promotions within your current employer since you may now be deemed as not being loyal.

We have also heard stories of recruiters who , once they have received your resumé instantly call your boss to let them know Swe are still unsure as to why this practice happens.

Your resumé is both very important to both you and to us. We never send a resumé out without your expressed approval.

We never send your resumé out by fax unless it is to a private fax machine.

We also don¹t really like communicating job related information via e-mail since companies have the right to review all e-mails. If necessary we will be very oblique in our communication such as referring to your resumé as "the document". We strongly recommend sending and receiving information from a home based account.

We take great pride in our established reputation of trust.

These may be words , but ask anyone who has ever dealt with us , they¹ll confirm it .